Corporate America has also come to appreciate our Mister Spear fresh produce as a universal, gender-neutral gift graciously accepted and greatly appreciated by all recipients. Mister Spear gift packs eliminate embarrassing situations that can occur when inappropriate gifts are sent (i.e. candy to a diabetic, alcoholic beverages to a non-drinker, or meats to a vegetarian). A gift of Mister Spear fresh produce conveys the message, "To your good health and happiness!" Premium quality, year round selection of delectable products, attractive packaging, and guaranteed farm-fresh delivery are a positive way to say "Thank You" to those who are important in your business or personal life. Whether for yourself or someone important in your life, our produce is wonderfully fresh, bursting with mouth-watering flavor, healthy, and 100% guaranteed to your satisfaction.

Special discounts are available for large orders. We also welcome wholesale, restaurant and other B2B customers. Contact us for more detail.