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Greetings from California! ...and thank you for your interest in Mister Spear!

Mister Spear is a premier supplier of gourmet vegetables and fruit to the personal special occasion and holiday gift markets. We also supply gourmet restaurants, private dining clubs, gourmet markets and caterers from our B2B division. Our fruits and vegetables of garden-fresh quality, flavor, and presentation make the selection of Mister Spear products a delectable, healthy snack for yourself, a unique, sumptuous gift for that special friend or client, or a perfect compliment to that gourmet meal.

Our produce is obtained from an elite group of experienced California growers where Mister Spear graders hand-select only the finest of the crops. All items are harvested at their peak of perfection, and none have been artificially altered in taste or appearance. Immediately after crop selection, the harvest is taken to a Mister Spear facility to be washed, further graded, and carefully hand-packed in custom gift/shipping boxes. Handling instructions, preparation tips, nutritional information, recipes, and personalized message cards are enclosed in each gift pack. Shipments are made via Express delivery service and are scheduled to arrive at their destination within 48 hours of being shipped. Normal shipping time from the day you place your order is 3-7 days (please feel free to call or e-mail us with any further shipping questions). Since Mister Spear will ship anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, consumers living in areas where produce is scarce, selection limited, and quality inferior, may now enjoy California's garden-fresh produce delivered directly to their door.

Mister Spear produce is guaranteed to arrive in a "garden fresh" condition. You and those who receive your gift(s) must be delighted or we will make a replacement or a full refund.

Enjoy the harvest!

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